Our models met for the first time moments before the photoshoot began where they'd pose together as a couple and it didn't go quite as planned...

POV: It's August 1st, 2020, you're driving down the mountains back to the valley from a session that has you romanticizing your life. Your client fills your creative cup, speaks to your soul in the way they present themselves with such kindness and honesty and makes you think, "this is my purpose." She's strong, thoughtful, carries herself with wisdom beyond her years and grace. Her positive, vibrant energy lights up any room (or mountain top) and she is undeniably, jaw-droppingly beautiful.

My intuitive nature tells me there's something more than meets the eye/first impression here. That night I pick up the phone and dial a dear friend (my partner Bruce's best friend who he's known since preschool) of mine...

"I just met your future wife." I reveal as I retell the experience with elation. As one may expect from such a striking and bold statement, I am met with a response close to, "sure you did." The conversation as well as my desire and anticiaption for something magical to occur fizzles out.


Fast forward to May 2021. The universe works in mysterious ways and as someone who believes that everything happens for a reason and on it's own Devine time, I'm taken aback by what happens next. -

What you must understand about my dear friend is that in the past he had always been a skeptic of my fascination of using my art form for initiating a connection between to people. In fact, in the past (pre-covid) had turned down my seemingly radical idea to set him up with someone in this way on multiple occasions.

As I mentioned previously, the universe never ceases to amaze me. On May 25, 2021 I find myself in a predicament I cannot solve myself. (In a nutshell, I need to replace a model couple last minute who were no longer able to attend a styled shoot I had planned) Who do you imagine I called? - The protagonist of this story of course,

He wasn't available, BUT for whatever reason, THIS time, the answer wasn't flat out, "no". Wouldn't you know it that later that same evening, by pure coincidence (that was sarcasm. I don't generally believe in coincidences), the angel I mentioned in the beginning of this story messages me this:

"You should do a Stranger Session!! I would love to see how that would turn out!" (Casual conversation between us wasn't uncommon but this timing was ridiculously on-par)

... some back and forth convincing a certain someone to participate and finding the ONE date that aligned for the three of us for the foreseeable future brings me to introducing you to Aislynn and Jeremy.

Aislynn & Jeremy

8:00am on June 19, 2021 is finally here. These two make the trek from outside of Salem and North Bend to meet in the middle in Eugene. We pull up to our shooting location and I'm almost as nervous as I imagine Jeremy is feeling. Aislynn, in her uplifting, confident fashion, jumps right in to break the ice while we walk a short while to our shooting spot. With so much in common they quickly find themselves with no shortage of topics to bond over.

Both passionate about the outdoors, Jeremy a EMT and a firefighter, Aislynn an EMT in training and both family oriented and hardworking, Bruce and I are giddy in the background as we start to envision the love story these two could develop.

I push the envelop, if you will, with posing prompts that I know will be out of their instinctual comfort zones, though nonetheless, each time I inquire with, "are you comfortable with...?", I'm delighted to see them begin to warm up with one another and find comfort in laugher and this dance that they've so quickly established (dancing not just metaphorically, see photo gallery below) together.

I am overwhelmed with bliss watching this all unfold. A hopeless romantic myself, my heart swells as I feel, for lack of better words, surrounded by love.

What kind of love? I'm not sure. Certainly for the love of seeing two people I care about smile and laugh. For the joy of imaging what the future of this relationship may hold. For the gift of following through with a seemingly wild idea that all of the stars aligned for.

Where are they now?

It couldn't have been just a one time glimmer of endearment because Aislynn and Jeremy are on their fifth date a month after meeting to bring to life what started as a passion project of mine.

Imagine the possibility of witnessing the start of a beautiful story that would be pasted down for generations. I feel so astonishingly fortunate for the experience and even more so getting to share it with two remarkable friends.

Without further adieu, Aislynn & Jeremy: