Let's amp up your portfolio!

On November 21st we are heading to Seal Rock Recreation Site for three, unique elopements, including unorthodox wedding attire. This shoot is set up for both beginners and established photographers who want to refresh their portfolio. This year we've witnessed couples cancel their weddings, change their venues, convert to their ceremonies to mico-weddings or intimate elopements. 2020 has taught us to roll with the punches, with the unexpected and to be more flexible than ever. This event will allow you to capture three unique sets of content in a relaxed setting along the beautiful, Oregon Coast.

Our backup, rainout date is November 22nd. Our general rule for rain is if the forecast is calling for less than 50% chance we will go ahead and shoot, if lightening is a possibility the shoot will be rescheduled and if light rain is called for, we will plan to bring umbrellas and rain hoods and capture the beauty of the elements!

At this shootout we will feature:

+ two elopements with traditional wedding attire

+ an elopement with unorthodox wedding attire

+ greenery bouquets

More details:

Models meet at 1:30pm

Photographers arrive at 1:50pm

Walk down to the beach at 1:55pm

Shooting from 2:00pm-4:00pm

Current open spots for photographers:

+ one ($95, nonrefundable/nontransferable - previous credit from photographers from events effected by Covid may be used towards the total coast*)

Current open spots for models:

+ couple with one female party wearing wedding dress size 8

+ couple with at least one party wearing street dress size XS or M

Purchase a photographer ticket

Further detail and timeline information will be sent to the Instagram address you provide via group message with other vendors*