It's time for a personal branding refresh!

On July 19th we are taking a personal care day and adventuring to Cape Kiwanda Beach to refresh our profile photos, connect and create together! Our outstanding message is preaching community and learning from one another. This is event is for photographers of all levels. Interested, but want to insure the photos you take home will fit your personal style? We've got you covered; during this event photographers will swap SD cards with 3-5 other photographers present. Meaning: at the end of the event you'll be left with an file full of RAW portraits to edit in your own style!

thoughts to consider when signing up:

+ does your current branding reflect your personal aesthetic? is it time for a refresh?

+ who represents your brand? is it just yourself? your dog? your partner or child? bring them! these personal branding portraits should represent who you are authentically without leaving any missing pieces out.

+ what kind of message do you want to convey in your photos? think about planning your attire accordingly. maybe you bring music to every session that really gets you, bring that too!

+ are you available on July 19th? to insure everyone's optimal experience, if you sign up, please be sure that you are available and are able to keep that date secure for this event. this event will have limited spots and no cover, so if you're unable to insure your attendance, please kindly keep the spot open for someone who is able to!


Meet in the parking lot adjacent to Pelican Brewing – Pacific City at 5:30pm

Shooting from 5:45pm-7:30pm



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