I'm Rachel, the owner of Rachel Renee Photo LLC. We are a growing small business built on genuine relationships, trust and celebrating the beauty in life. I have lived in Eugene, Oregon for the entirety of my life and have always had an immense passion for photography. We have two cats, Rodger and Bonnie. I am a Reggio Emilia trained preschool teacher, adventurer and hopeless romantic. You'll find me in the woods, behind my camera or in front of my computer editing most of the time and lately being the last to the Stranger Things party! (Steve and Dustin's relationship and character development all the way!) I'm a fan of dark roast coffee, baking, cooking, dancing and lifting.

If you've been following and supporting our journey for a few years now, you'll know that Bruce and I met when we were only twelve years old and have been partners for almost five years. (We are getting married June 2023!) On our many road trips to destination shooting locations, we sing along (probably too loud and not well, might I add) to our favorite music (we are big country fans who also crank up the hip-hop and rap when the mood sees fit), probably talk in circles about what's for dinner and laugh - a lot. Bruce has an endless list of stellar "Dad Jokes" that he presents with the most impeccable timing. (I would ten out of ten recommend falling for your best friend.) Bruce is a hard working man who supports my photography journey from near and far, occasionally accompanying me on Adventure Sessions or as my Second Shooter/Assistant at weddings.

We can't wait to meet you and share an evening of laughter and capturing your sprit and joy! Our sessions feel like reconnecting with old friends. I thrive on the connections we create and grow together.

I am a lover of love stories of all kinds. ALL are welcome here! I flourish through creativity and creating new, lasting relationship while getting to call one of my favorite things in the world my career.

Thank you sincerely for celebrating art & love.


Photo by Faith Anderson Photography | Edited by me

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