Welcome to Pacific Northwest Shootouts

I created Pacific Northwest Shootouts after becoming extraordinarily passionate with bringing creatives from all walks of life to create together. "Community over competition" is our golden rule and giving yourself the opportunity to connect and create with your fellow professionals in our industry is like a gift for the creative soul. We take the worry out of set up, the coordination and the styling out of the equation and provide you with thoughtfully planned, uniquely curated sets that are nothing short of a DREAM to shoot.

Pacific Northwest Shootouts caters to photographers and vendors of all levels. We offer everything from elopements, engagements, family sessions, seniors/grads and boudoir, all of which are LGBTQ+ friendly!

The question I get asked the most is, "what is the difference between a styled shoot and a shootout?" and what a great question this is! We offer both styles of content creation opportunities, both of which are valuable in their own ways; so here's the gist:

“Styled shootouts” are like a hybrid styled shoot mixed with a typical shoutout (where a bunch of photographers and models gather and shoot/model for each other). Styled shoots typically feature a stationary setup, whereas shootouts can feature more than one backdrop with more of the focus on the models in frame than the set. Our shootouts follow the approach of capturing candid moments that reflect the interactions between a photographer and their clients during a session; our photographers leave with both, dream content for their portfolio's and experience working with their ideal clientele. Our shootouts are much more relaxed than a typical styled shoots and not as structured as a workshop, but because we cater to all levels of photographers, a lot of learning from each other happens! A lot of times in traditional styled shoots, each photographer is given a set a amount of time to photograph the model or vendors products, which is not the case for us. Our shootouts typically last 1.5-2 hours where we work our way through a location giving photographers much more time to shoot as well as multiple backgrounds; this equates to more natural and less “styled” content. Instead of set time for photographers, we follow the rule or respecting each other’s time and space, and allowing time for each photographer to prompt the model(s) to really reflect their personal style.

We offer four kinds of events:

  1. Shootouts for photographers of all levels (Multiple solo and model couples and photographers in one dream location with ample time for each creative shoot/be photographed: Our most relaxed event - 8-12 photographers and 4-6 models/model couples)
  2. Styled Shootouts for photographers of all levels. (The perfect opportunity for beginners and seasoned pros alike to up their creative portfolio whiling observing each other perfecting their craft: One model, or set of models styled to fit the theme of the shoot; this event is more structured than a Shootout in a more intimate group setting - 6-10 photographers and 1-2 models)
  3. Styled Shootouts curated for Beginners. (An opportunity to gain experience to fit a variety of photography niches to set up or refresh your portfolio. Ex., couples, seniors, grads, maternity, bridal, editorial, etc... Not a beginner but need a portfolio refresh? This is the event for you: Each model, or set of models styled to fit a specific niche - 6-8 photographers and 4-5 models/model couples)
  4. Styled Shootouts for Seasoned Pros. (Unique, out of the box styled shoots set up to give your already established portfolio the "WOW" factor it's been missing. Need some diversity, color or creative spark in your feed? This is the event for you: One model, or set of models styled to fit the conceptual theme of the shoot - 6-8 photographers and 1-2 models)

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