Navigating COVID-19



Our legislators have recently given Photographers the OK to resume shooting within the following guidelines. We will tentatively resume shooting starting on June 1st, 2020 and adhering strictly to these policies: 

+ Photographers will wear masks throughout the entirety of each photo session.

+ All sessions will take place outdoors. Sessions that were previously scheduled in State Parks or high traffic areas (such as downtown) will be relocated to natural areas or private property of the client. 

+ Social Distancing of at least six feet between separate parties must be maintained at all times.


We are now officially resuming booking for 2021 Seniors, Couples, Families and Intimate Elopements from September 2020 and onward.

On the next slide is our current availability!

Additionally, we will be offering 20% off of Graduation Sessions for the remainder of 2020. As a member of the college graduating Class of 2020, I truly understand the disappointment of missing your graduation. Let's make some happy memories together!

Lastly and most importantly, we will be offering Essential Workers (including but not limited to health care personnel, truck drivers, fast food workers, sanitationtional engineers, mechanics, emergency relief social services workers and teachers) 30% off of all sessions (excluing Holiday Mini's) through 2020, including elopements.


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To our dear clients,

First, let's take a deep breath together. We will get through this, your memories and love stories will be captured - we've got you.

Following Oregon Governor Kate Brown's Stay-at-Home-Save-Lives Executive Order released this morning, (March 23, 2020) we contacting each of our clients scheduled for 2020 sessions to reevaluate timelines and shooting dates. As of now, an end date for the ban on non-essential business operating is unclear. This being, I have chosen to follow the current order for school closures (which is currently set to lift on April 28, 2020) to parallel the sessions which will be rescheduled immediately. In the event that the ban of our operation surpasses April 28, 2020, we will then work with all clients who are scheduled in May, June and July following new guidelines to reschedule their events as far out (or a soon) as possible/desired.

Here's how we will reschedule your session:

All sessions scheduled until April 28, 2020 are now under review for rescheduling. (If your session is scheduled for after April 28, 2020 and the ban of our operation is lifted prior, you're all set at this point; if we are given new guidelines for operations extended after April 28. 2020, we will reschedule your session for a later date. This transition will be as stress-free as possible by following the following steps.

1. Choose a new date for your session to be held from the list provided to you. For the remainder of 2020, I will be opening up my books to shooting on Friday's as well as Saturday's and Sunday's to compensate for the demand for available dates. (Newborns, wedding/elopement clients and graduating seniors will have first priority. Dates will be given our first come, first serve and secured upon signing your updated client agreement - see below)

2. Sign a new client agreement with your updated session information and invoice date. I will now be offering Payment Plans on all sessions whereas in the past they've been offered elusively to wedding and elopement clients. See below for more information. 

*I will post a running list (updated daily) of my dates (below) available to reschedule to refer to.

What's the best way to contact you to reschedule my session?:

As always, I'm always here for you and especially during this time. I will be working around the clock to accommodate all of your requests and move through this rescheduling period in as short amount of time as possible. Here's how to contact me in the order of efficiency.

1. Call me. My phone number is 541-525-3766. For the next few weeks my office hours are void, and I will have my ringer/notifications on at all times to compensate for the influx in messages. You guys are busy and it is my priority to put your time first. 

2. ​Email me. My email is The more detail you include in your email, the quicker and easier the rescheduling process will be. If your schedule allows you to, please include a time that is convenient for you to chat over the phone.

3. Text me. Again, my phone number is 541-525-3766. The more detail you include in your text, the quicker and easier the rescheduling process will be. If your schedule allows you to, please include a time that is convenient for you to chat over the phone.

4. Facebook or Instagram Direct Message. This form of communication is the slowest of the four. If possible, please use method 1-3 to contact me, though if this is not possible for you, no sweat! The more detail you include in your message, the quicker and easier the rescheduling process will be. If your schedule allows you to, please include a time that is convenient for you to chat over the phone.


If you ultimately decide to cancel your session, please note that retainer payments are nonrefundable as per our previous client agreement. Please feel free to let me know any questions you may have as this is not the easiest situation to navigate! I'm so sorry that this outbreak is effecting our area such a negative way.

NEW - Payment Plans for all sessions:

We will now be offering payment plans for all sessions booked in 2020 to aid all of our clients in the process of rescheduling their sessions while we navigate the new dynamics of this time. Here are our new Payment Plan options available for all clients if desired.

For existing clients where retainers have been paid:

1. 30% payment off remainder, 30% payment off remainder, 40% final payment two days prior to your session.

2. Monthly payments divided equally until the date of two days prior to your session.

3. Custom, we've got your back and will work with you to develop a plan to fit your needs. 

For new clients where retainers have not been paid:

1. 30% deposit, (opposed to 50%) 30% midway payment, 40% final payment two days prior to your session.

2. 30% deposit, 20% payment, 20% payment, 30% final payment two days prior to your session. 

3. 30% deposit, custom plan. We will ALWAYS work with you to bring your session to life. 

Example of option one for a one hour Couples Session:

1. $90 deposit, $90 midways payment, $120 final payments two days prior to your session.

Example of option two for a one hour Couples Session:

2. $90 deposit, $60 payment, $60 payment, $90 final payment two days prior to your session. 

Note: All payments must be submitted prior to receiving images from one's session, including previews. A $2.50 charge will be added to payments made by credit card rather. No charge is applied for dues payed through checking with Honeybook. 

Rachel, please give us something to look forward to during all of this:

In addition to your future session being a source of joy to keep in the forefront of your mind during this time, we are adding complementary Polaroid Original print previews to each session. A snapshot in time from your session you'll receive on the spot and last the test of time. After all, memories are the greatest gift. 

With love, hope, thankfulness and positivity,

Rachel & Bruce

Available Dates for Rescheduling

June 20th - Saturday

June 28th - Sunday

July 3rd - Friday

July 5th - Sunday

July 17th - Friday

August 7th - Friday

August 14th - Friday

August 23rd - Sunday

August 28th - Friday

August 29th - Saturday

August 30th - Sunday