Be a featured artist in our 2021 Issue

Eclectic Edit Mag is now accepting submissions for our 2021 Issue - printing in august 2021.

Here's how to submit your art for publication:

a. Fill out the form on this page with details pertaining to your submitted work. If selected as a featured artist, the information you provide on your project will be published as part of your article.

b. E-mail your submission (up to three files) to for review. If your submission is accepted for our 2021 Issue, you will be notified by email within 14 days.

c. If accepted, you will be able to submit up to nine additional files pertaining to your submitted project for review for Feature or Cover Artist.

*By submitting your work, you are agree to give Eclectic Editorial Magazine publishing rights on all of our in print and digital platforms.

*Creators will have the opportunity to purchase copies of our 2021 Issue in August, 2021 in print and on digital platform.