The Desert Bridal Gala - Editorial Event

Our biggest event and an editorial I've been dreaming of for years is coming to life! On April 30, 2022 we are heading to the Oregon dunes on the coast with TEN models in bridal wear from golden hour through blue hour for a dreamy, gala-inspired event. This shoot is set up for both beginners and established photographers who want to refresh their portfolio at an event featuring BPOC & LGBTQ+ models, curated for those who have been searching for a relaxed environment with supportive peers.

2020-2021 taught us to roll with the punches, with the unexpected and to be more flexible than ever. Be PROUD of this skill, but now let us take the planning on our shoulders and provide a space for you to finally just create. These events will allow you to capture three unique sets of content in a relaxed setting along the beautiful, Oregon Coast. This event has been designed to cater to those looking for opportunities for publication and to add some unique bridals into their portfolios.

During the event, photographers will have the opportunity to shoot models as groups and individually. At out events, rather than following an assigned shooting schedule, we follow the simple rule of respecting each other's time and space. In other words, be aware of the amount of time you're spending with an individual model to allow others to work with them and you as well. If everyone practices this, the event will run smoothly and everyone will have the opportunity to collect/lead/direct and capture their desired shots. This system has worked seamlessly throughout our past events!

We will shoot rain or shine through sunset and blue hour. (Mood board below)


April 30, 2022 - Oregon sand Dunes

+ ten models in ten unique bridal gowns/jumpsuits

+ two and a half hours of shooting time

4:40pm - models arrive for wardrobe

5:30pm - photographers arrive

5:45pm - 8:45pm - group and designating shooting

9:00pm - pack out, leave no trace, models return attire and depart


Current open spots for photographer:

Twelve ($375 ($100 deposit, final payment due April 23, 2022), nonrefundable/nontransferable - previous credit from photographers from events effected by Covid may be used towards the total coast*)

Payment plans:

Payment plans are available for photographers upon request. Initial $100 deposit is required. From there, photographers may choose to spread out their final payment into up to bi-monthly payments if desired.

CURRENT OPEN SPOTS FOR models - sizing requirements are provided to fit specs of current wedding gowns on hand for the event:

+ Bridal size 6

+ Bridal size 8

+ Street size 0-2

+ Street size 2

+ Street size 4

+ Street size 4

+ Street size 8

+ Street size 10

+ Street size 10

+ Street size 12-14

+ Street size 20-22

Photographer sign-up

Further detail and timeline information will be sent to the Instagram address you provide via group message with other vendors*

Model sign-up

Further detail and timeline information will be sent to the Instagram address you provide via group message with other vendors*